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unRAID Build

I’ve decided that it’s time to upgrade the home server and get working on building a new NAS.

Some history first.

My first home “server” was just a windows box I ran headless. I’d RDP in or map the drives from my other computer. ¬†From there I built a freeNAS setup which worked well but I struggled with getting everything working correctly and ended up moving to Ubuntu 14.04.

This has served me well for the past couple years but I feel it’s time to upgrade the hardware and give something new a try!

I decided to go with unRAID this time.

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Side by side bicycle.

One of the early making projects I worked on with my good friend Powermitten. It was a side by side bicycle, no shared steering, no shared gearing. It was just two bikes welded together.

Our goal was to create a fun bike to ride at Burning Man that could pack up easily. We ended up welding flanges onto the bikes and used metal bars to connect the bikes. They worked well, even when one bike broke the other was able to drive both frames!
2012-08-07 18.41.54 2012-08-07 19.11.09 2012-08-07 19.11.02 2012-08-07 18.43.49

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