Hello there. My name is Ian, aka OMGparty and this is my little corner of the web where I keep track of a lot of the random projects and ideas I work on. Right now those interests are in microcontrollers such as the Arduino platform and embedded linux systems such as the Raspberry Pi, all with a focus on art and creativity.

My love for science was started by my father, who is an engineer and introduced me to computers when I was very young. It started with an Atari 400, programming BASIC by hand out of Compute!¬†magazine, saving the program to cassette tape. I was lucky enough to attend the University of Washington during the early 2000’s where Telnet was still required to access your e-mail (<3 pine) and they taught us how to use Gopher!

I used to work at the Pacific Science Center where I got to teach science to families and periodically clean up vomit (aka protein spills).

In my spare time I’m a DJ/Producer, I have a pet hedgehog, I play video games and regularly attend the Burning Man event.

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