Last shipment of parts arrived, so last night was build night! It was probably one of the easiest builds I’ve ever done and I feel that the case was a big part of it. Easy cable management with a ton of room to work made the whole process a bit easier.

I was happy to get to the BIOS on the first power up, and was able to get into the unRAID web UI after a restart. Within an hour I was able to get the drives assigned and formatted, user shares created and access levels managed with user accounts. The parity check took about 11 hours, so I let it run overnight and copied over a few videos to test Plex.

Getting Plex installed and running was simple! I was able to map my /media user share to a /media directory in Plex’s Docker container and successfully played video back in Plex on my Xbox One. I’m pretty impressed with unRAID, it’s super simple to set up and get running!

Check out the build video and finished build pics below!

For specs on this build check out this post.

2016-04-27 21.54.03 2016-04-28 20.18.52 2016-04-28 20.16.29 2016-04-28 20.17.56